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Friday, June 17, 2011

Mobile Android

Mobile Android
in addition to LG, Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc mobile phones Android is often in search of people, in addition to the facilities quite complete, Mobile Android also has more advantages compared to other mobile phones. game or java games facilities are provided in the android phone is very good with 3d graphics are clean.

Mobile phones that use Android is an open source operating system and application code can be retrieved from Google code. In addition 3Dnya game also runs very smoothly and no jamming hang. Linux (kernel 2.6) to be in the Android operating system is very stable.

Application number one user who used the internet browser is definitely Android, the Android use the same WebKit as Safari is used by iPhone / iPod touch. So it is compatible with various websites in the world.

this time I will inform you a little about the price of Mobile Android.

Price Mobile Android

android mobile phones latest prices which include:

HTC Hero
Normal price: USD 5.25 million

Motorola Milestone
Normal price: USD 6.25 million

Samsung Galaxy Spica
Normal price: USD 3.499 million

LG GW 620
Normal price: USD 4.399 million

Huawei U8230
Normal price: USD 3.799 million

Sony Ericsson XPERIA ™ X10
Normal price: USD 6.8 million

for Mobile Android specifications please read and read other artikle or artikle related, because there are many types of android that may be more interesting again.

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