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Friday, June 17, 2011

review of the Apple iPad

specifications of the Apple iPad

Steve Jobs has introduced a new gedget Apple, the latest gadgets apple output is called the iPad is often referred to as a tablet computer

Apple iPad is Apple's first tablet PC. Apple iPad has a size of 9.7 inches and use the IOS operating system.

at first glance, the shape is more similar iPad iphone with the reduced size of the computer looks like. why is that?? because as we know computers generally have elements that are separated from each other such as the keyboard has its own place, the monitor has its own place, drive the cursor (such as a mouse or touch pad) has a separate place from the second element, but iPad denied that rule, iPad actually incorporate it into a flat screen, really things that I thought genius.

IPAD has a size of 9.7-inch screen with touch screen features in it, IPAD also weighs about 600 grams (0.6 KG), which is owned iPad connection features like a netbook, Apple iPad features wi-fi and bluetooth, the system
surgery (OS) used by apple blackberry will be the same as the operating system used by iPhone and iPod as well as the iPhone, iPad can also syncronize data with a computer with Windows or Macintosh operating systems.
Apple iPad ditengai by Apple A4 1GHz processor and comes with 802.11n WiFi and support for data connections over the 3G network. Apple iPad is available in three versions of the 16GB hard drive, 32GB, and
Below are the specifications of the Apple iPad.

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