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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Computer games

Computer games
One more game action that makes us always want to play it. 3D games are also on the take from the game at PS 1, the hobby of playing PS 1, may have played this game because these games can be exciting to say the play with the mystery and adventure is no less cool with the other games.


The mission of this 2 game resicent evil is aiming to destroy the zombie-zomie who attacked the city, zombie zombies are popping up that is caused due to contamination of T-virus spread all over town and infects the entire population in the city, from a company called umbrella.
Back to the game again, this game is no less exciting with the other games, because it is supported with 3D graphics are quite pretty good and the missions that make us curious and always want to play it solve the mystery game.

resident evil 2 game screenshot

Want to play this game? can download the file here,
happy play ....

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