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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pc Games

pc games
This time I will discuss about PC games, in my previous posts have included a few games for mobile phones and also for posel smartphones. and this time I will provide games for the PC.

Actually this game is not for the PC, but for playstation 1, which is edited to be played on PC.

Ok, just, a game that I like most is the silent hill.

 SILENT HILL.exe (download)

This mystery game was taken from a game at PS 1, which is edited into a PSX game can be played on computers.
In my opinion this game is really cool and matches played by people who like a mystery, because this game is full of mysteries and puzzles that are very exciting for the right break.
If viewed from the graphics this game is not good because it is still a level of PS 1, but it is tolerable to make us curious. If viewed in terms of adventure, in need of an extra brain to be able to finish this game, because of the mystery and puzzles that there is in this game is enough to drain your brain.
Also in this game also is equipped with hideous graphics and sound effects that can make us cringe, up until we feel the bleak participate in these games and we like carried in the atmosphere that exists in this game. Still curious ...??

Instantly see a silent hill game screenshot below.

Cool right!! Full of challenge and mystery you must solve. Want to play?
who like puzzles and mysteries, would want.
can download the file here.
criticism is unbelievably helpful comments and suggestions to me, thanks.

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